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Breakfast On A Bun: 6 Interesting Ideas

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It makes sense to eat breakfast on a bun or roll: it is easy to transport, quick to eat, and always popular. Try a kaiser roll for a crusty texture that is soft and tender inside. These buns are typically made from white flour, malt, yeast, and salt, so they make an excellent foundation for many different flavor combinations.  

Try fresh-baked kaiser bunsn — or your own favorite bread — and make these six interesting breakfast sandwich ideas.

1. Bold Breakfast Burger

Burgers for breakfast? Sure, this diner-style breakfast burger contains popular breakfast staples piled onto a juicy hamburger patty. Avocado, sausage, bacon, cheese, and a perfectly fried egg are the perfect complement to a burger — and add some sweet tomato jam or apple butter for a sweet and salty bite.  

2. Great Grilled Cheese

It probably sounds weird to make a grilled cheese sandwich on a roll or bun, but try it! Lay thick round slices of smoked provolone on top of your buttered bun and add some honey or apple jelly to the inside. Grill, fry, or place in a panini press. You could add a fried egg for extra protein, but flavor-wise, this sandwich lacks nothing and is quite satisfying. This is extra delicious on seeded rolls.  

3. Monte Cristo Makeover

A Monte Cristo is the best of both breakfast and lunch. Try making a classic Monte Cristo on a kaiser bun with leftover cold cuts, like ham and Swiss cheese. Make sure to add mustard, too.  

Dip the sandwich in scrambled egg and fry in butter on both sides until browned. Serve with a bit of maple syrup for dipping.   

4. Sweet and Tangy Toast

Toast or grill a bun or roll with butter until golden and spread liberally with cream cheese. Next, add a layer of dried fruit, like cherries or raisins, and a healthy pinch of cinnamon sugar. This is the perfect breakfast sandwich to quell a sweet tooth.  

5. Huevos Rancheros Roll

Huevos rancheros breakfast sandwich is a fun twist on a popular Mexican dish — but on a bun instead of a tortilla. Layer over-easy eggs, salsa, avocado, sausage, and a thick layer of refried beans on your soft roll; top with a dollop of sour cream, if you wish, and hot sauce. This is a messy sandwich, but so delicious!

6. Amped-Up Avocado Toast

No list of tasty breakfast sandwiches would be complete without some version of avocado toast, and kaiser buns put a unique spin on a classic favorite. Here are some favorites:

  • Toast or grill your kaiser bun until golden brown, spread with mashed avocado, and top with slivers of tangy grapefruit and juicy pomegranate arils.  

  • Top the same avocado-smeared bun or toast with thinly sliced radishes and plenty of coarse salt and pepper.  

  • Shave a fresh, raw zucchini and top your avocado toast or bun with these slices and some chopped chives or green onion, too.   

Want something different for breakfast? Try these six breakfast sandwich ideas — they all start with fresh-baked rolls and buns — and kaisers are perfect for these meals. Visit your local bakery for the freshest bread, rolls, and sweets to start or end your day!

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